We’re excited to be starting a new 5pm Sunday worship service at St Matthew’s.

We’re starting small – by getting together to pray, read the bible, chat and celebrate holy communion.

Our first gathering will be on Sunday 18 February in the meeting room at St Matthew’s Georgetown.

We’d love as many people as possible to come to this first gathering, even if you can’t commit to being part of the new service long-term.

We are open to God’s guidance in how the new service develops. We’re considering including the following, although maybe not all in the one service: prayer, reading the bible, live and recorded music, discussion, informal communion, coffee and tea, time to get to know each other better…

We want the service to be God-focused, welcoming, accessible to people who don’t currently go to church, authentic, and effective in helping people grow in their love of God and God’s world.

Everyone is welcome! And if you can’t come, please pray for God’s blessing on this new venture.

New 5pm Sunday worship